Gou Koutaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Kumamoto University

Research Topic: Computer Vision, Image Processing



G. Koutaki, K.Shirai and M. Ambai, "Hadamard Coding for Discrete Supervised Hashing", IEEE trans. Image Processing (TIP), 2018, accepted
G. Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "XY-Separable Scale-space Filtering by Polynomial Representations and Its Applications", IEICE trans. D, 2017
G. Koutaki, "Binary-Continuous Image Decomposition for Multi-view Display", ACM trans. on Graphics (SIGGRAPH2016), Vol.35, No.4, 12 pages, 2016link
project page
G. Koutaki, H.Okajima, N. Matsunaga and K.Uchimura, "Color Quantization and Optimization of Luminance for Digital Mirror Device–based Projector", IEEE trans. on Consumer Electronics, Vol.62, No.2, pp.103-110, 2016link
G. Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Fast and Robust Vision System for Shogi Robot", Journal of Robotics and mechatronics, Vol.27, No.2, pp.1-9, 2015
G. Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-invariant Edge Detection Using Spectral Theory", IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications 5(0), 30-34, 2013

International conference

[ICCV2015] T.Hasegawa, M.Ambai, K.Ishikawa, G.Koutaki, Y.Yamauchi, T.Yamashita, H.Fujiyoshi, "Multiple-hypotheses affine region estimation by anisotropic LoG filter",
project page
[CVPR2014 (oral)] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Processing Using Polynomial Representations",
project page

[ISMAR2015] G.Koutaki, S.Hirata, H.Sato, K.Uchimura, "Marker Identification Using IR LEDs and RGB Color Descriptors", extended poster
[ICIP2015] G.Koutaki, H.Okajima, N. Matsunaga and K.Uchimura, "Optimization of Color Quatization with Total Luminance for DLP Projector and Its Evaluation System"
[ICIP2014] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Filtering Using a Piecewise Polynomial Representation"
[ICIP2013] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Compression and Its Application Using Spactral Theory"


G. Koutaki , Keiichiro Shirai and Mitsuru Ambai, "Fast Supervised Discrete Hashing and its Analysis", [arXiv link] [github MATLAB code]

Domestic awards (in Japanese)

-ISCIE industrial technical award 2015
-IEICE best paper award 2013
-MIRU2012 best paper award (MIRU-Nagao Prize)


-Spectral SIFT: link
-Spectral Multi-Scale Edge Detection: link
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-Japanese shogi robot system: movie
-Scalable Filter (2013): link
-FFT based Gaussian Filter (2013): link
-Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on GPU (BBF-Kd-tree) (2012): link
-Texture Synthesis Using EM Algorithm (2012): link
-Zhang's Camera Calibration Using minpack (2012): link
-Super Resolution from Multi-Low resolution Images (2006) :link
-Monte-Carlo Path Tracing (Raytracing) (2006) :link