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In our laboratory, we works on the research to solve various problems of ITS, biometrics (personal authentication), the nondestructive testing, and the machine vision, etc. by using the optimizing technology and the picture processing.
ITS is a technology used by ETC and the car navigation in the expressway. Concretely,we works on automatic construction of digital map and the best routing search necessary for ITS.

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Application of
optimization technology to ITS


This is a research that applies to ITS the optimizing technology that uses genetic algorithm (Genetic Algorithm) that we developed. The effect of the efficiency improvement etc. of the congestion easing and the transportation route is expected.

Application of
Image Processing to ITS


We are researching the image recognition and the treatment system that highly extracts and recognizes the road, the sign, and the road feature, etc. from the photographic image. It is a research to use the picture processings of the automation of the road cartography and the support of the digital road cartography for the car navigation, etc. for ITS.

Other Applications of
Image Processing


We are doing a wide research that applies the picture processing.
For instance, a technology that can measure size of three dimensions by using carrying. Face recognition system that can recognize person even when expression, physical posture, and lighting are different a new proposal to the pattern-matching(the basic technique of the industrial image processing).