Gou Koutaki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Kumamoto University

Research Topic: Computer Vision, Image Processing

Publications from 2013

[SIGGRAPH2016(ACM TOG)] G. Koutaki, "Binary-Continuous Image Decomposition for Multi-view Display", accepted
[ICCV2016] T.Hasegawa, M.Ambai, K.Ishikawa, G.Koutaki, Y.Yamauchi, T.Yamashita, H.Fujiyoshi, "Multiple-hypotheses affine region estimation by anisotropic LoG filter",
project page
[CVPR2014 (oral)] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Processing Using Polynomial Representations",
project page

[ISMAR2015] G.Koutaki, S.Hirata, H.Sato, K.Uchimura, "Marker Identification Using IR LEDs and RGB Color Descriptors", extended poster
[ICIP2015] G.Koutaki, H.Okajima, N. Matsunaga and K.Uchimura, "Optimization of Color Quatization with Total Luminance for DLP Projector and Its Evaluation System"
[ICIP2014] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Filtering Using a Piecewise Polynomial Representation"
[ICIP2013] G.Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-space Compression and Its Application Using Spactral Theory"

G. Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Fast and Robust Vision System for Shogi Robot", Journal of Robotics and mechatronic, Vol.27, No.2, pp.1-9, 2015
G. Koutaki and K.Uchimura, "Scale-invariant Edge Detection Using Spectral Theory", IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications 5(0), 30-34, 2013

Domestic awards (in Japanese)

-ISCIE industrial technical award 2015
-IEICE best paper award 2013
-MIRU2012 best paper award (MIRU-Nagao Prize)


-Spectral SIFT: link
-Spectral Multi-Scale Edge Detection: link
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-Japanese shogi robot system: movie
-Scalable Filter (2013): link
-FFT based Gaussian Filter (2013): link
-Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on GPU (BBF-Kd-tree) (2012): link
-Texture Synthesis Using EM Algorithm (2012): link
-Zhang's Camera Calibration Using minpack (2012): link
-Super Resolution from Multi-Low resolution Images (2006) :link
-Monte-Carlo Path Tracing (Raytracing) (2006) :link